Thursday, March 15, 2007

Escrow Officer or Air Traffic Control....

Did you know, some of the best tools that come from affiliates in the Real Estate Industry, are not actually tools at all? Some of the very best tools in the wrong hands are useless or harmful. Take a doctor for example. You can give an unskilled physician a scalpel, (it is one of his tools), and ask him to perform heart surgery. Isn't this part of a doctors tool kit?

In deed, the right tools in the wrong hands can actually cause more harm than good! The Realtools I am blogging about today, are about a different kind of tool you should have in your toolbox. The best tools are, People with Experience! Three simple words, but try to see these words, with the power they truly carry.

Think of all the people you work with in this industry and abroad. When is experience really important to you, and when is it not? Let's start with when it is crucial. How about your surgery, your root canal, your airplane pilot, and maybe your 1st tandem jump from 10,000 feet. I know you'll agree, each of these, are areas in our lives, where experience carries the absolute most value.

There are many areas of our daily lives where we expect good service and experience. It's only when we get bad service, or an in-experienced person, that we become in tuned to this expectation. Buying a house, getting a loan, needing an appraisal, purchasing home warranty, providing homeowners insurance, trusting the termite inspection, and having faith in the comparables, are all areas we need to have experienced and knowledgeable players on our teams. The one area of Real Estate that requires crucial expertise, is someone who deals with all the above, and more.

That's right, I am talking about your escrow officer. This is your Realtool for Realtors today. First off, why do you think they are called officers? Would you rather have an experienced police officer protecting you, or a non-experienced one? Secondly, they are the next best thing to an air traffic controller. Why? Because the escrow officer is the one who has to make sure everyone on the plane lands safely and is happy.

What a Tool! A person who can communicate effectively, turn challenges into solutions, deal with multiple personalities and emotions, and remain neutral during the whole process. She has agents on both sides of the sale, buyer and seller, lender, creditors, appraisers, home warranty, inspectors, insurance and many more that she has to work with on a single home sale. On top of that, the escrow officer is governed by the DOI (dept. of insurance), HUD (Respa), and God himself to make sure everything is done by the book. Did I mention that an experienced escrow officer is nothing less than a miracle worker?

So when you think of a tool that is critical to your success in Real Estate, you should already know that the Lender is Key, but the escrow officer is the Lock, in your realtools toolbox. First American Title Company in Vallejo California, has over 60 years combined experience, 45 of those years with First American. Put us to the test! With this many years "experience", we have the products, tools and services you'll need, to get transactions closed.

Sometimes, there may be some bumps in the road, but just like turbulence on a plane, you can trust that our escrow officer (pilots) will pull you out, and land you safely, every time. Let our experience and resources help you and your clients with owning the American Dream. Think First, Think First American Title Company for ALL your title and escrow needs. Since 1889, we have been protecting the rights of homeowners all across the nation. We rely on our "experience" to see you through. Shouldn't You? First American? The only way to fly!

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Title Company said...

Yes, Escrow Officer plays as Realtool for Realtors today. It has an important role and require great expertise. I like this quote "Lender is Key, but the escrow officer is the Lock"

Brad Andersohn said...

Thanks for understanding the importance of an escrow officer, I think that it is one of the most thankless jobs in the industry.